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Filezoo, 17.2: context menu, a bit nicer monitoring

Made the app poll subdir mtimes every second to do invalidation (FileSystemWatcher only watches one dir, turning on the subdir thing makes it hang on big dirs, maybe I should create several.) Also made a context menu with a couple commands in it. Thinking out loud, what might be a good set of commands?

For both files and dirs:
  • Delete (does mv file ~/.Trash)
  • Rename
  • Move to
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Create Archive

For files:
  • Open File
  • Extract Here (for archives)
  • Run command on file [popup dialog]
  • Edit File (get list of mimetype-specific editors from .desktop files or something?)

For dirs:
  • Go to directory
  • Open Terminal here
  • Gitk [if there's a .git]
  • View as slideshow [if images in directory]
  • Open index.html [if such in directory]
  • Add to playlist / Play [like Winamp Explorer integration]

What else? Email file/dir to? Post to [insert website]?

Should read a list of filters and actions from a config file.
suffix=gif "View in GQView" "gqview $PATH" "Gitk" "gitk $PATH"
entry.mime=image/* "Slideshow" "slideshow $PATH" && "Build" "cd $PATH && ./configure && make"
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