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Filezoo, day 18

Today in Filezoo land, wrote a little priority queue for loading big thumbnails first and changed the file hash algo used to generate thumbnail names to MD5(file mtime + file size + first 16k of the file). It runs at a constant 0.2 ms if the file is in page cache. Compare to the previous MD5(file) and its 20 ms runtime for a 1.5 MB file.

Also slapped licenses to the source files. GPL for the app-specific parts, MIT for general use libs.

Then tried to find the source of random startup deadlocks, with no success. I think my, ah, homespun method for disposing dialog windows caused popup menu drawing to break at one point too, but I haven't been able to reproduce it after I cargoculted the code a little.

Oh well. Better go think it through.
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