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Filezoo, end of day 3: open terminal, threads

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Implemented "Open Terminal" and managed to get more responsive panning behaviour in huge dirs like /usr/lib (was doing a relayout on every UI event instead of on every redraw, which spammed several relayouts on every mouse drag), and proceeded to piss away the performance gains with increased dir opening latency from launching a bunch of worker threads to do the recursive directory traversal.

Opening a terminal window with the filename already in it appeared to be bothersome, so didn't work on it apart from reading the bash man page. Could use a Gtk text input widget instead.

Split the measurers, comparers and zoomers from filezoo.cs into their own files and rearranged the source a bit. The custom widgets are getting nasty to manage, need to look into replacing them with Gtk widgets or XAML or something wacky like that. The text should be drawn with [something that uses] Pango at least, now there's no missing glyph fallback, and I get to enjoy filenames like "[][][][][][][][].jpg". I'm not familiar with this stuff, suggestions?

The performance still sucks for large dirs, even when zoomed in (need to profile to see if it's from too much draw or from too much layout), so that's a good project for day 4, along with fixing the initial dir opening latency. If it takes longer than 0.1s to draw out the first frame of an opened dir, it's too slow.

In other news, tried out Eagle Mode and it's awesome. Reading text, PostScript and PDF documents inline is really nifty. However, I don't like the theme and the massive waste of screen space for trivial information, especially the file info next to the contents box. 10% of directory box space taken to tell me that the directory is a directory. Oh come on, really?

Eagle Mode also has a raytraced chess game, which takes it beyond awesome into the rarefied sphere of retarded giggling at the sublime beauty of the universe and all that is in it. And it's responsive too!

And that's it for day 3, more tomorrow.

P.S. Is there something like NaNoWriMo for writing applications? "One month, 6000 lines of code!"
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