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Filezoo, end of day 4: Speed!

Today on the Filezoo front: Got relayout down to 1 ms from 100 ms by eliminating unnecessary sorting (man, something's wrong when sorting a 3800-item array of strings takes 100 ms.) Drawing a frame of a 4000-entry dir is down to 50 ms from the previous 500-1000 ms. It still has the initial traversal latency, but I'm now masking it by drawing the first frame without the size-part of the titles. Which is good enough UI-wise, but doing a couple dozen directory traversals in parallel makes the disk cry.

The latency from clicking on a directory to completing the first frame is 60ms for my homedir (272 entries) and 180 ms for /usr/lib (3800 entries). Of the 180 ms, 50 ms goes to listing the directory contents, 80 ms is spent sorting the directory entries and 50 ms drawing. If I want to meet the <100 ms initial latency goal, I need to peel off 80 ms somehow...

But anyhow, speed! Tomorrow some UI work and drawing directory contents [finally!] And probably a second round of code cleanup.

In other news, ran 10 km for the first time in years. Been doing 4-8 km runs lately due to the existence of a nice 8 km loop. Had one 3 x 8 km week a month ago, so 10 km isn't really that much of a stretch. Next up: 15 km!
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