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Filezoo, end of day 9: requirements document, interactivity work


Ok, got the requirements document written in a very short form. It's slightly draconian, but that's good, right? No? At least the current codebase thoroughly fails at most of the points.

As good intentions go, I was going to work on solidifying traversal. But I guess doing pretty much nothing but traversal for two days took its toll and I ended up hacking on drawing instead. Specifically, I added a frame profiler that the drawing routine uses to figure whether it can do more in-frame work (directory layout and drawing traversal) or if it should try and get an incomplete image out before the user goes mad from waiting. It's pretty nifty but it's also a solution to a problem that shouldn't exist. The drawing model shouldn't be built in the drawing thread, but as an async response to actions in the event loop.

I also refactored a bit, moved the source files to src/ and wrote a build script (that does an AOT optimization pass too! Go Mono!) I added the above screenshots to the repository as well, for the sake of marketing. Maybe that's not such a good idea.

Tomorrow work on fulfilling some documentation requirements and tag parts with their relative importances. And a coordinate system overhaul. Yeah.

P.S. There's no BigDecimal for C#, so I get to stab myself in the knee and write code to jump seamlessly between directory-local coordinate systems. Such fun!

P.P.S. What should I use for unit testing?
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