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Filezoo, start of day 9: more traversal banging, fixes

Traversal is a thorn in my side. Spent yesterday and today morning trying to make it not break when cancelling traversal, and I think it might work now (but how to tell?) So, now that I have that fiendishly difficult easy part out of the way, I can move onto monitoring changes in the filesystem and invalidating the cache based on them. For which I need a fool-proof cache invalidation algorithm. Heh heh, crying already.

Day 9 then. Today's plan is to write the requirements document and get the filesystem model really solid (which might as well take a week or more at this pace.) I would like to do performance work on complex trees (I just happen to have a directory that triggers a most fantastic 200 kfile layout + sort, which takes 5+ seconds), will have to see if I manage to steal some time off the other things.

Now for the 2 pm morning jog I go.
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