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QuickCheck in make_suite.rb

Adapted from Jane Street Capital's Core to use for testing. Will write a longer post tomorrow (need to be wide awake in 7 hours), but now I can do this:

let shell_escape =
let re = Pcre.regexp "(?=[^a-zA-Z0-9._+/-])" in
Pcre.replace ~rex:re ~templ:"\\"
Q.uint (fun i -> shell_escape (string_of_int i) = (string_of_int i))
Q.string (fun s -> slen (shell_escape s) = slen s)

And get error messages like:

law Q.string (fun s -> slen (shell_escape s) = slen s) failed for

I also tweaked the bool test error messages, now they include the assertion body:

FAIL: Unit tests:0:Prelude unit tests:671:test_prelude_line_8631

OUnit: Line 5 of bool test: shell_escape "foo is fan/cy+some!" = "foo\\ is\\ fan/cy+some!"

Oh and hey, there's an F# port of QuickCheck too.
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