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The Kindle 2 looks pretty cool

The Amazon Kindle 2, available for pre-order.
But it's, like, a book? Huh? It does seem to have a simple web browser though. The GUI reminds me of MacOS 7, what with them rounded B&W corners. I do like the design, very sleek.

Started writing documentation for, and it will take forever (err, say a month or two?)

I don't really know what to do with the IO layer. What I'd like to have is files, pipes and sockets under the same banner, pipes and sockets using a folding style of IO, files having folding and an mmap-like approach. Maybe something like Enum in Batteries Included.

And some structured IO marshaller on top so that you could e.g. send a list of float * string -tuples over a TCP socket. Or open a file over HTTP and write it to a local file, like with Ruby's open-uri.

Or maybe I just leave it as is and do something more productive instead.
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