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Bad juju Sunday

Had a crash in a demo. And found the culprit. It was from having a non-zero FBO bound when doing glXDestroyContext. Which was very WTF.

Allowing images and canvases with content from outside the current domain as textures is a bad idea, as you can read them with some GLSL trickery, even if you can't use getImageData/readPixels on the context. So that needs to be fixed. Which'll make the context quite a bit less useful, but it's either that or moving to a fixed-function pipeline.

One solution would be locking the context to use the GL fixed-function pipeline once you upload a texture outside the SOP. Or have a set of trusted shader programs that you could choose from. Or force a safe subset of the shading language. (Do I smell scope creep?)

And I finally managed to write a shader that takes a long time to run and hangs the GL driver for its duration. I'm just going to call that a driver problem. If there was some easy way to compute the maximum running time of a shader and reject ones that go over the threshold of acceptability, that could be used to reject potentially nasty shaders.

But I'm still going to call that a driver problem.
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