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Canvas 3D uniforms, glGetError exception throwing

Ok, implemented uniform[1234][fi]v? with the power of preprocessor macros. And search-and-replaced if (LogGLError()) return NS_ERROR_INVALID_ARG; before each and every return NS_OK; (and went through the code to deleted false positives.)

I don't know if I want to delete uniformi and uniformf. Might as well, but that'd break what little existing code there is.

Tomorrow's plan is to write texSubImage2D[HTML] and copyTex[Sub]Image2D plus tests for them and the new uniforms. And uniformMatrix[234]fv. And, uh, vertexAttrib[1234]fv? (though I don't have problems with the existing magical version, copy-paste compatability might be nice to have.)

Tried to add video element support to texImage2DHTML but nsHTMLVideoElement.h and nsHTMLMediaElement.h are not usable as extension headers (I don't know why they're in dist/include/ in the first place if it's impossible to use them.) So if you want to use video as a texture, you need to draw it onto a 2D canvas first and use the canvas as a texture. And cry as you bleed CPU time.

Forgot the list of GLSL tests from the previous post:

+ OOB access to uniform
+ OOB access to const array
+ OOB access to attrib
+ infinite loops
+ unused attribs
+ unused uniforms
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