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O3D on Linux

Building O3D on Linux (svn r36): opt-linux does not build, use dbg-linux instead. The plugin has no input events implemented on Linux. So rendering demos work but interactive ones don't.

Most of the demos have very little JavaScript logic, which I guess is the point. I'll try to make some JavaScript intensive demo and see how that fares. And maybe write some shaders to kick the tires if I can wrap my head around HLSL.

Some more generic gripes:

Having a Direct3D rendering path makes vendors less likely to improve their GL drivers. [Ok, that would be a weaker argument if the given reason behind using D3D wasn't that the GL drivers are worse. Maybe desktop Linux and Mac OS X put enough pressure on the driver vendors to improve their drivers...]

HLSL + Cg is closed-source and bound to x86, so it's pretty much impossible to use in any browser.
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