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A moment of extrapolation

Hitachi exec tells that by 2014, spinning rust will have 15TB of capacity (and I guess around 140MB/s bandwidth and 7ms seek times.)

Extrapolating the flash SSD curve with a yearly doubling in density, you'd get around 1TB of flash for 100e in 2014. And not only has flash density doubled yearly, the bandwidth has done the same.

Current flash SSDs boast around 200MB/s of bandwidth. Assuming it continues to double every year, the 1TB flash drive of 2014 would have 6.4GB/s bandwidth.

I don't know if latency is keeping pace, but assuming the 75us latencies of today fall 20% annually, they'd be at 25us. But who knows.

Anyhow, 6.4GB/s IO bandwidth in a cheapo computer would be awesome.
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