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Ditched the sediment & river books from my reading queue, as the library wanted them back. Replaced them with two writing course -related book-like objects about simulated annealing, in addition to An Introduction to the World's Oceans (hey, 71% of the planetary area can't be wrong, right?) and Climatology - An Atmospheric Science (ooh, a pretty painting on the cover.) Both being introductory textbooks to their subjects.

The oceanography book gets extra points for the oceanography department probably having coated their whole library in tar, supposedly to protect it from the vagaries of the high seas. As a result, there's a smell to the book. There were also a few books from late 1800s and early-to-mid 1900s in the oceanography shelf, which I briefly looked at before putting them back to the shelf, carefully. If something survives a hundred years of students, it must be lucky!

I'm reading these non-CS related textbooks because CS gives me a headache and a neckache and a backache and they're actually interesting. Plus maybe I'll be able to use the knowledge gleaned as a way to slither my way into an outdoors IT job... Oh wait, the plan was to totally spruce up my drawing skills (a couple hours of daily practice actually works, whuda thot) and get an art/graphics job. Well, at least they have lots of pictures to draw.

Maybe a couple hours of daily practice would work for Swedish grammar as well. There's a thought.
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