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I've been hacking a bit on cakejs and canvas recently, making a paper doll animation system. The paper doll -part was actually pretty easy, but now I need tools for making the animations. Which might be less easy. Let's see :)

Also, cakejs is really lacking in the documentation & tutorials -department. I will try and fix that by pasting the code comments to wiki pages. Tutorials might be easy to write by taking the demo page scripts and adding narration.

Still sustaining a drawing routine of 1-2 A4 pages per day, which is awesome. Plein air drawing is a lot of fun and sunshine, and works great as practice. What I should also do is grab a book on machine illustration or some other really constructive ID method of drawing and work through the exercises.

Jogging has plateaued at three one-hour runs per week. I don't know if I should try to push it beyond that as I seem to get knee ache at around the 10 km mark. Maybe it's caused by bad technique? Fix by muscle training to sustain a better posture and lots of intervals to improve running technique?

Added shutdown -h now to root's crontab at one-hour intervals in the evening to boot me off the computer and go to sleep. And... it's working. Two weeks of <9am wakeups already. I had the tendency to latch onto a 25-26h daily rhythm before, which is really not conducive to getting to Swedish class at 9:15am.
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