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Reading list summer 2009

Started off with some scifi, three novels by Iain M. Banks from his Culture series: Consider Phlebas, Player of Games and Matter, and David Petersen's book of fighting mice; Mouse Guard: Fall 1152. Followed by borrowing the Banks novels to roommate in exchange for Alastair Reynold's Revelation Space, Redemption Ark and Chasm City. Stayed at the family cabin by the lake Saimaa for a month or so, and played the first two stories of Odin Sphere and some hours of Valkyrie Profile 2. On returning home, read Frank Herbert's Dune (courtesy of aforementioned roommate), then raided the university library for a change of pace with World Regions in Global Context. I'm currently reading Coastal Sedimentary Environments and The Practice & Science Of Drawing. After that I have queued up Rivers and Floodplains, and the next three books of Dune.

Now if I could find a monitor that works with the PS2, I could go back to wasting my evenings with games instead of boring myself to death on the computer writing blog posts like this...
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