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EU MozCamp 2009

Let's try writing something non-trollish for a change, hm? 

So, EU MozCamp 2009. I was there to participate in the HTML5 roundtable (and to show off my new canvas animation demo (~500kB), view source for headache.) It was great visiting Prague and meeting all the web people there, thanks everyone!

Cool stuff: DailyMotion SVG video filters demo, Stratified JavaScript - JavaScript with concurrency primitives, HTML5 location API demos, boat trip on the Vltava. Massive amount of expats present (also massive amount of French.) I think I met people from Bulgaria, Czech, Estonia, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, UK and US...

I have also managed to plow through around fifteen pages of my newly-bought sketchbook, mostly at the airport and in the plane. Clouds be fabulous from above. 

Catching my flight home in a couple of hours, feeling pretty tired. I'll add some links to this post on reaching home. 

[edit] Added links.
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