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A new set of magnitude numbers

An erratic thought for the morning.

Following the SI-prefixes:
M-illion = 1e6
G-illion = 1e9
Trillion = 1e12
P-illion = 1e15
Exillion = 1e18
Z-illion = 1e21
Yrillion = 1e24

Or maybe the powers of thousand:
Twollion = 1000^2
Threellion = 1000^3
Fourllion = 1000^4
Fivellion (pente-peta) = 1000^5
Sixllion (hexa-exa) = 1000^6
Sevenllion = 1000^7
Eightllion =1000^8

Or the powers of ten?
Sixion = 1e6
Nineion = 1e9
Twelveion = 1e12
Fifteenion = 1e15
Eighteenion = 1e18
Twentyoneion = 1e21
Twentyfourion = 1e24

Would make operating with the mid-powers easier. Sevenion divided by sixion is an onion. Pffft.

Could extend it downwards to negative ions or nins.
Threenin = 1e-3, etc.

Sevenion divided by twelveion is a fivenin. Fivenin times threenin is eightnin. Sevenion times threenin is fourion. (E-notation is better for math though, 1e7 / 1e12 = 1e-5; 1e-5 x 1e-3 = 1e-8; 1e7 x 1e-3 = 1e4.)

Memory aid for multiplying and dividing powers: rotate the operator by 45 degrees clockwise.
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