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Status update

Taking two days off, a mid-week weekend.

Estimated that doing an editable zoomable tilemap would take a week. 15 days of consecutive commits say that I was wrong by at least a factor of three. Zoomable tilemap, check. Editable, sort of. Lacking in genericity as rendering in browsers is either slow or requires more ugly performance hacks than you can shake a stick at. And 60 fps is the law of the land, so screw genericity.

OCaml is horrible on 32-bit. 16MB maximum string size. And strings are the intended way to handle binary data. And if you use BigArrays, they're not GC'd properly. Then again, the worst-case allocation in my use would be 2.5 gigs, so perhaps it would be reasonable to work very hard to do things in smaller increments. Loading 16k x 16k images, that is my nemesis (I had a Ruby + C version of this but...)

Next need to either make an interactive character animation system in JS or find one. Hrm.. Maybe look at the Big Buck Bunny Blender files, see how to do the whole model-rig-animate-thing, export to JS, write some simple engine to run it. Or just draw the animation by hand (On paper! With a reed! A broken reed!)
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