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PacketShader: a GPU-Accelerated Software Router - eeh?

Enceladus plumes with anigifs. Cassini just keeps taking these awesome shots of the Saturn system.

Kirkenes harbour (and googling with the name of the ship got me this. Take that for good measure as well.)

Fantoft stave church, Pre-Colombian Mexican architecture

... the deep-sea food web is fueled by a rain of dead plants and animals from surface waters. Sediment for the sediment god, let the red clay sink back into the mantle.

Cryosphere Today.

That reminds me: We inhabit a few meter thick layer at the solid-gas interface of a 6500 km radius sphere of rock and iron. Go up or down a few meters and you'll die. Go to the solid-liquid or gas-liquid interface and you'll die. Go to the solid, go to the liquid or go to the gas and you'll die.

Bismuth crystal. I quite like the Mineralogical Record print mag. Lots of good pictures.
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