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Use of Ada in a Student CubeSat Project (via Ada-Europe 2008 via SPARK Conference Papers). First they built some arctic sea ice buoys and then used the same HW/SW-platform to do a CubeSat, in a high-integrity dialect of Ada. (The conference proceedings have some other wacky stuff too, like a presentation about porting a naval command system used in Royal Navy destroyers to Ada 2005. And yes, the slides are basically a long list of stuff that's changed between language versions, so it's not that exciting.)

Neptune about to complete first orbit since discovery. Discovered in 1846, orbital period 165 years, orbit complete next summer. Celebration? (Via Uncertain Principles.)

The dangers of plein air. That reminds me, I've fallen off the drawing routine. Perhaps I should unfall. Also this.

"According to the meteorologists, it's never summer in Gamvik". The coast of the Arctic Sea is a jolly good place. Full of fun and excitement and days that last for months.
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