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sse.h update, HTML5 fiddling, more links

I updated sse.h with license info (MIT) and added software implementations of recip() and rsqrt() to double2 and double4. This Vector Classes library might be more useful for Real Serious Use, though.

Currently fiddling with HTML5 media tags (cursed be audio and video codecs. If it were possible to implement media codecs in JS, that would be a solution.) Also doing drag-and-drop file uploads. The event API is ... interesting. To receive a drop event, you need to preventDefault other drag-related events.

Failures are strengths.

Have some links to go:

Eruptions blog readership.
Activity at Sakurajima Volcano Intensifies.
Region-based memory management, ML Kit, A Simplified Account of Region Inference, Combining Region Inference and Garbage Collection, A Safe Runtime System in Cyclone.
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