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Electric blue planktom blooms off Ireland.

Employer Expectations, Peer Effects and Productivity: Evidence from a Series of Field Experiments [PDF]. A study using Amazon Mechanical Turk, one finding was that peers reward effort rather than output quality. Quote from the implications section: "For example, it may be difficult to get workers to substitute easy, correct procedures for difficult, inefficient procedures. Ironically, the difficulty itself might make an outdated procedure harder to replace, as workers who adopt the easier method might be perceived to be shirking. The finding that exposure to low-output work lowers output, combined with the finding that low-productivity reduces willingness to punish, suggests the possibility of an organizational vicious cycle: after observing idiosyncratically bad work, workers may lower their own output and punish less in response, in turn reducing other workers’ incentives to be highly productive."

Forecasting bird migration for the Finnish Air Force. "Why? Bird is a threat."
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