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Saturday Night Links

ARTtech 2010: Fairlight's rendering secrets from AssemblyTV. The render graph approach is interesting. And the demo editor.

Yay! SVG in IMG coming in Firefox. Should enable fancy scalable UI images and easy SVG textures in WebGL. (Edit: In 2010-09-18 nightly SVG in IMG works but can't be drawn to canvas or uploaded as WebGL texture.)

Creature workflow in Mudbox 2011.

Auto-retopology in 3D Coat. Take a high-poly model, paint over areas that you want at high resolution, draw lines to suggest edgeloop direction, done!

Maybe one day 3D modeling won't require thinking about polygons. You'd just have a high-resolution form that you deform and then save a low-res version for interactive use. I dunno. The whole "create box, extrude, cut, unwrap, texture"-flow turns me off. It's like you're doing reverse origami: you start with a paper box, then you extrude it, bend it, cut bits off, glue bits back on, cut it open and splay it flat, draw a picture on it, put it back together, stuff a wire model inside, animate. And all the time you're worrying if you got the bends just right so that the joints don't look stupid.

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