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Updated Three.js deck

I updated the "Basics of Three.js"-presentation to work with the latest version of the library. My Google Developer Day "Introduction to WebGL"-presentation is also online, and updated to match the latest changes to Three.js.

In more detail, the changes were:
  • $FOO.addChild and $FOO.addLight were merged into a single method, $FOO.add
  • Camera was deprecated and split into a PerspectiveCamera and OrthographicCamera
  • Camera no longer has a target that it tracks, you need to use camera.lookAt(vec3) on every frame to accomplish that.
  • MeshShaderMaterial was deprecated and renamed to ShaderMaterial
  • material.ambient now needs an AmbientLight in the scene to work (AmbientLight color is multiplied by material.ambient in the shader)
  • ColladaLoader was renamed to THREE.ColladaLoader
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