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New things in WebGL land

Compressed textures are coming!
Draft extension: WEBGL_compressed_texture_s3tc

Extension initiatives for depth textures, uint element indexes and public-webgl discussion about anisotropic filtering!
In the draft extension list: WEBGL_depth_textureOES_element_index_uint

What is this: OES_vertex_array_object

Uint8ClampedArray is the Typed Array equivalent to Canvas ImageData.


More basic math

A couple more simple "why is that" breakdowns:

Why does multiplying by -1 give you the negative of a symbol:

(-1xA) = (-1xA)
(-1xA) = ((1xA) + -(1xA)) + (-1xA)
(-1xA) = A x (1 + -(1xA)/A + -1)
(-1xA) = A x (-(1xA)/A)
(-1xA) = -(1xA) x A/A
(-1xA) = -(1xA) x 1
(-1xA) = -(1xA)
(-1xA) = -A

Why is -(B x A) = (-B x A):

-(B x A) = -(B x A)

-(B x A) = -1 x (B x A) 
-(B x A) = (-1 x B) x A
-(B x A) = (-B x A)

Why does multiplying by 0 give you 0:

0A = 0A           | X + -X = 0
0A = (B + -B)A    | (X+Y)Z = XZ + YZ
0A = (BA) + (-BA) | (-BA) = -(BA)

0A = (BA) + -(BA) | X + -X = 0
0A = 0


Exposure lock on Nikon D5100

Go to MENU > Custom Settings > Controls > f2 Assign AE-L/AF-L Button. Set it to AE lock (Hold).

Now the AE-L button acts as a toggle.

Very useful for videos.

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