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More extrapolations: India

India's purchasing power parity adjusted GDP looks to overtake the US in 12 - 22 years. The lower number of years is based on India's growth continuing to accelerate this decade in the same way it did during the last decade. The higher number of years is based on India growing at the lower 1993-2003 pace.

Let's say, India 2030, bigger economy than the US. Nice capstone for the fourth term of Trump.

As for the EU-28, India would overtake it in somewhere between 16 and 41 years (Europe's bigger and poorer than the US, so it's doing more catchup growth).

As for China, I remember calculating that India would be the bigger economy in 2080, based on India's higher population growth. The other factor is where the GDP/capita growth of these giant regions plateau, and that, my friend, is a more difficult thing to guess.

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