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[From mid-2013]

My grandma had a stroke and was very much paralyzed. She could understand what people said and move her eyes. But she couldn't control her tongue so her speech was guttural sounds that you couldn't understand. And she couldn't move her hands. She couldn't swallow because of the paralysis and shriveled blood vessels made IV infeasible. I wanted to find some way for her to communicate before she died of dehydration. 

Couldn't find any gaze-controlled keyboards that would work with just a webcam. 

I made a face-controlled keyboard with the Google+ Hangouts API, check it out: . I'd like it to use gaze tracking but the API doesn't have that. So you need to move your nose to type.

Calibrated for an 11" MacBook Air, use the buttons at the bottom to recalibrate. Turn your head so that your nose faces M and press the "left"-button. Turn to face R and press "right". Repeat for C - top and Z - bottom.

To type a letter, look at it and turn your head to move the cursor on top of it. Keep the cursor on the letter until it changes color completely. The letters appear in the text box at the bottom.

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