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Viral lessons from ideologies

  • Promise benefits. Make them non-cashable. "If you sign up, you'll get a reward after you die!"

  • Promise damages. Make them non-cashable. "Anyone who is not signed up, will be punished after they die! Also if you're not following the EULA, you will be punished after you die!"

  • Think big when promising non-cashable benefits and damages. You don't have to cash them so you can promise anything you want. "If you sign up, you'll be in a state of eternal bliss and happiness and will be able to do anything you want after you die!", "After they die, all people who don't sign up will be tortured forever and will never be happy!"

  • Promise immediate damages if you can. "Breaking the EULA is punishable by death!", "Anyone who lives here must sign up or die!"

  • What immediate benefits you give can be very small. "You can talk with people inside the site after you sign up.", "You'll get a free subscription to our email newsletter."

  • Make your EULA exclusive. "You can't sign up anywhere else after you sign up here."

  • Make recruiting new users the number one tenet. "Your mission is to go and get everyone else to sign up. Once everyone is signed up, you'll get a reward after you die, even if you're already dead."

  • Make it easy to sign up. "If your parents were signed up, you're signed up by default.", "You only need to say one sentence to sign up.", "If you were born in this area, you're already signed up."

  • Make leaving hard. "If you leave, you'll be killed." and "It's illegal to have any contact with people who have left." and "It is not possible to leave." (try quitting your citizenship for an example of that.)

  • Continuously tell the signed up people that they're signed up and reinforce their identity as signed up people.

  • Have a derogatory term for people who are not signed up.

  • Profess to be tapped into infinite wisdom and capability. You don't have to cash it and can claim that the receivers of the wisdom do not understand it. "The Founder of the site is the omnipotent creator, ruler and maintainer of the entire universe. The Founder knows everything. The Founder is very busy. When things go well for you, it is because the Founder is personally helping you. The Founder's words are difficult to understand, but our EULA department interprets them for you."

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