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What would I like to see in a programming language?

If I was given a new programming language & runtime, what would I like to see? First of all, what would I like to achieve with the language? Programs that work. Programs that work even on your computer. Programs that use limited computing resources efficiently. Programs that are fast to develop and easy to maintain.

So, portability, correctness, performance, modularity and understandability.

Portability is one of those super hard things. Either you end up in cross-compiling hell or runtime downloading hell. Not to mention library dependency hell, OS incompatibility hell and hardware incompatibility hell. Ruling over all these hells stands Adimarchus, the Prince of Madness, Destroyer of Programmers, Defender of the Platform, Duke of Endianness, Grand Vizier of GUI Toolkits, &c. &c.

...Screw portability.

Correctness then. The main thing with correctness is removing the ability to write broken code. And because that's difficult to achieve in the general case, the second main thing is the ability to discern the quality of a piece of code. The less code you write, the fewer bugs you'll have. The more you know about your code, the fewer bugs you'll have.

The compiler should catch what errors it can and inform the programmer about the quality of their code. Testing and logging should be integral parts of the language. There should be a proof system to prove correctness of functions (but one that's easy to use and understand...) The compiler should lint the code. The language should have built-in hooks for code review and test coverage. The compiler should generate automated tests for functions and figure out their behavior and complexity. I/O mocking with fault injection should be a part of the language.

The standard library should have fast implementations of common algorithms and data structures so that the programmer doesn't have to roll their own buggy versions.

Speed, efficient memory use, no runtime pauses to screw up animations, automatic memory management, static type system, purely functional core. Testing, logging and profiling as a part of the language. Some sort of proof system? Code review hooks in compiler? Localized source code?

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