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Healthcare spending

Healthcare is like food: both have a known average lifetime usage. For food, that's the nutrition required by a person over their lifetime. For healthcare, it's the preventive care and restorative care a person needs over their lifetime. Both have pretty clear limits: you can't really eat a whole lot more than you need, and you can't really use a lot more healthcare than is required.

The big difference is the spending pattern. You need to eat every day and pay for your food every day. But healthcare needs tend to come in bursts. You may have a week where you need more healthcare than in the last ten years added up.

For an individual, dealing with healthcare-like burst spending would require either big savings, an insurance system, or a credit system. A buffer to absorb the costs.

At society level, healthcare spending is smoothed out, and looks a whole lot like food spending. You have a stable level of healthcare spending every day, and can budget for it just like for food. Every day, everyone pays to match the required spending for the day. If you don't like being healthy and paying for other people's healthcare, you're free to break your arm and enjoy the care too. Healthy people don't get sick for fun. If you think the payment is too much, make the society more healthy and lower the costs.

Healthcare is also more of a society-level problem. A person in poor health is going to bring down the health of the people around him. A person in poor health is less able to repay the care given to him. If you make amount of healthcare provided depend on the ability to repay, you'll end up with more people in poor health, which will make the people around them less well as well.

Performance metrics for Trump

Here's how we'll judge the Entrepreneur-In-Chief. A simple list of measurable goals.

  1. Double the median income in the US. Bring the share of the top 1% back to 1970s levels. That is: the top 1% should take home 9% of the total. Building businesses!
  2. Increase the US population to 500 million to compete with other major economies. Too few people can't build great buildings. Scale up!
  3. Carbon-negative US economy. Sucking more CO2 out from the air than it puts there. Simple. Effective.
  4. Quadruple the median income in US military adventure countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, etc. End on-going wars there. Great economy!
  5. Halve the levels of hate crime. Unite the nation!
  6. Eliminate the gender pay gap. Same job, same pay! The American way!
  7. Lower the US prison population to similar levels as in Europe. Less crime!
  8. Great health care for everyone, for free! Make America Healthy Again! (Sponsored by corporate taxes.)
  9. Zero corruption scandals in the administration. Drain the swamp!
  10. Simplify gerrymandered districts to simple Voronoi borders. End election fraud!
And the bonus point:
  1. Problem-free transition of power when the time comes.

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