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Open Problems in Computing

Off the top of my head, here are some exciting unsolved problems that future computers can tackle:

- Responsive web design
- Pervasive ubiquitous mind control
- How to use carbohydrates as digital computing substrate
- Turning rocks into solar panels
- Embedding computers inside bones
- Embedding bones inside computers
- Apps that are better than websites from user perspective
- Converting trillions of dollars worth of person-time into a few billion dollars of ad revenue. Oh wait, that one's solved already? Carry on then.
- Taking a 30% cut of every tax payment, like, Tax Store? With Tax Apps and In-Tax Payments.
- Pervasive ubiquitous body control
- Using meat-drones to construct a great obsidian pyramid out of computronium
- Launching life-seeds to other planets and stars, both in DNAtic and C++tic forms.
- Unlimited wireless data plans
- Phones made out of fabric
- Phones made out of fabric that aren't easy to mistake as napkins. Alternatively, phones made out of snotophobic fabric.
- Babies waking up in the middle of the night
- Multiple-Earth-radius solar collectors on stable orbits
- 10x our power generation to suck up all the excess carbon from the air and the seas
- Use the volume of the Earth for matter extraction, rather than just the surface.
- Life-seeds thriving across the solar system
- Work Inc -- the Skinner box social media platform where you're working for Work Inc at tasks best tailored for your skillset. Work Inc resells your labor for a trillion dollars and pays you an infinite scroll of meme gifs.
- Pervasive ubiquitous distributed computing fabric owned by the people of the world in equal shares.
- AIs that work for Work Inc better than any human could (88.32 rating vs 86.2 for best-performing humans).
- Pervasive ubiquitous AI control
- Using enslaved AIs to construct a great crystalline tower out of computronium
- Basketball planet

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