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The Bell

A hill rising in the middle of a plain, surrounded by sparse woods. The low hill, covered in tall yellow grass like the rest of the plain, wavy in the relentless dry season heat. On top of the hill rises a lonely figure sits before a bell. The shadow of the bell shielding the figure from the sun's rays. A round clearing surrounds the bell, a staircase leading down from the hill.

The figure rises up and walks down into the shallow pit under the bell. Standing under the bell, the figure reaches up and grabs a rope tied to a large log. Swinging it back and forth, slowly gaining speed, until the log nearly touches the inside wall of the bell. With a violent jerk, he brings the log to crash into the other side of the bell.

A ring to be heard up in heaven and down in hell, the bell rings, deep and clear. With each ring echoing in the skies above, the ghosts shift in the earth below.

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