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Quick test with old Infiniband kit

Two IBM ConnectX-2 cards, hooked up to a Voltaire 4036 switch that sounds like a turbocharged hair dryer. CentOS 7, one host bare metal, other on top of ESXi 6.5.

Best I saw thus far: 3009 MB/s RDMA transfer. Around 2.4 GB/s with iperf3. These things seem to be CPU capped, top is showing 100% CPU use. Made an iSER ramdisk too, it was doing 1.5 GB/s-ish with ext4.

Will examine more next week. With later kernel and firmwares and whatnot.

The end goal here would be to get 2+ GB/s file transfers over Samba or NFS. Probably not going happen but eh, give it a try.

That switch though. Need a soundproof cabinet.

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