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4k over IB

So, technically, I could stream uncompressed 4k@60Hz video over the Infiniband network. 4k60 needs about 2 GB/s of bandwidth, the network goes at 3 GB/s.

This... how would I try this?

I'd need a source of 4k frames. Draw on the GPU to a framebuffer, then glReadPixels (or CUDA GPUDirect RDMA). Then use IB verbs to send the framebuffer to another machine. Upload it to the GPU to display with glTexImage (or GPUDirect from the IB card).

And make sure that everything in the data path runs at above 2 GB/s.

Use cases? Extreme VNC? Combining images from a remote GPU and local GPU? With a 100Gb network, you could pull in 6 frames at a time and composite in real time I guess. Bringing in raw 4k camera streams to a single box over a switched COTS fabric.

Actually, this would be "useful" for me, I could stream interactive video from a big beefy workstation to a small installation box. The installation box could handle stereo camera processing and other input, then send the control signals to the rendering station. (But at that point, why not just get longer HDMI and USB cables.)

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