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OpenVPN over fast(er) links

Tested OpenVPN with 65k tun-mtu on the IPoIB network. It does 5-6 Gbps, compared to the 20-25 Gbps raw network throughput. I was surprised it managed 6 Gbps in the first place. "Oh what did I break now, why does my test run at 6 Mbps ... oh wait, that's Gbps."

Another problem to track is that on the internal GbE network, the VPN runs at 900+ Mbps. But when connecting to the WAN IP, it only manages 350 Mbps. A mystery wrapped in an enigma. (It's probably the underpowered router kicking me in the shins again. Use one of the fast computers as a firewall, see if that solves the problem.)

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