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New CPUs

Lots of cores! More cores! AMD bringing 32-core EPYC to the desktop, Intel bringing top-end 28-core Xeons to the desktop.

In terms of compute, it's getting pretty interesting! 32 cores at 4 GHz and SIMD + ispc to SPMD it up. With 8-wide SIMD and 1 cycle FMA, you'd be looking at 2 TFLOPS. If you could push that to 16-wide (or more usefully, double the core count), 4 TFLOPS. That's discrete GPU territory. Not to forget double precision: 1 TFLOPS DP beats all but the uber-expensive compute GPUs.

If you still have that /usr/bin/directx thing, you wouldn't need a GPU at all. Just plug a display to the PCIe bus and send frames to it.

Memory bandwidth is still an issue, a few GB of HBM would help. And it'd be nice to plug in extra CPUs and RAM to PCIe slots.

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