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Latest 8 rumors

8 is going to have three cameras on the back. One with a 16-35 mm equivalent lens, one with a 24-70 mm lens, and a third one with a 70-200 mm lens.

8 uses the input from each of the lenses to stabilize images. The images you see on the 8 screen are going to be extremely stable. By integrating the optical flow from the cameras with the accelerometer readings and the pupil tracking from the forward-facing selfie cam, 8 can make the text you're reading compensate for the motion of the phone, so that the text appears stable and readable even when you're out running. The 8 also compensates for the distance of the phone from your eyes by increasing text size when the phone is further away. With computational reconvolution algorithms and advanced glasses-detecting computer vision techniques, the 8 can re-focus the phone screen so that no matter you're wearing your glasses or not, the 8 looks 20/20.

8 comes with an extendable screen. By using the side-mounted magnetic connectors, you can clip several 8 devices together to expand the size of your screen as far and wide as you want. The UI automatically expands to fill all available devices and switches from phone mode to tablet mode to PC mode to TV mode as the screen grows.

8 has three pico-projectors: one on the back and two in the front. The projector on the back of the phone creates an interactive tablet surface. The image is projected by the projector, and the back cameras can track your hands to make a virtual touch screen. The camera sees the color and the shape of the surface you're projecting on, automatically correcting the colors and the shape of the projection so that the image appears in the right colors and the right shape. You can use the back projector to play Kinect-style games on the wall, watch movies off the seat in front of you, display photos and documents on the meeting room desk. The front projectors track your pupils and plunge you into glassless virtual reality. The front projectors are also used to project a selfie-boosting projection field on your face that smooths out your skin, eliminates wrinkles, enlarges your eyes and slims your cheeks.

8 has 4 GB of HBM2 RAM stacked on top of a heterogenous processing die, composed of a single 4 GHz core, three 1.5 GHz cores, and 128 tiny graphics cores running at 1 GHz. The total bandwidth available for the computing cores is 256GB/s, and they can crank out 1.1 TFLOPS (single precision, ARM NEON 128-bit fused mul-add), in an address space shared between all the cores. Backing the compute cores is a two-level storage subsystem with 256 GB Flash providing 2.5 GB/s bandwidth, and a high-speed 4GB DDR pre-populated cache in front of it, serving frequently accessed data at 20 GB/s. The 8 has a lot of numbers. It comes with a worksheet-style calculator to help you manage them.

8 comes with a deep learning AI stack, used by the 8 to help manage your life. From simple things like running a spam filter on your notifications, to advanced life management techniques for building high-productive schedules, writing emails faster, researching projects and keeping you fit, the 8 puts a whole team of AI assistants at your service. With the Fake News Blocker built into the 8 browser, you won't be hoodwinked by rogue AIs and shady operators. With the 8 Scalable Helper assistant, you can provide a fully automated AI service to others and get paid for each Bit of Assistance provided.

The AI assistant team makes you a full member in today's society. With its Opinion Optimizer feature – it summons a hard-working team of virtual commenters who take your side – you can participate in online discussions as an equal opponent to other fully-armed members of the sociosphere. In case you need that extra bit of help persuading someone, the News Dreamer feature comes fully equipped with all the latest news-generating systems. Late from work? No problem! The News Dreamer can create A/B tested news stories about traffic jams and bridge closures, ready to be presented as alternative facts.

Another exciting feature of the 8 is the built-in Government app. The Government app polls you daily for your input on matters local and global. By participating in the Government, you help discover issues, find solutions for them and take part in implementing the solutions.

By buying the 8, you become a shareholder in the company that runs the Government and the Scalable Helper. As a shareholder, you'll receive a quarterly dividend from the profits generated by the company.

8 has a scan button on its side. By pressing the scan button, the camera view pops up on the screen. With the scan app, you can read QR codes, pay bills, scan business cards, save notes, translate text, see navigation directions overlaid on the view, and pull up information about the things you see. If a QR code is a link to a 3D object, the scan app loads in the object and shows it in augmented reality. You can also use the scan app to contribute information about the things that you see.

The 8 has wireless charging. Using beamforming, the charger aims a supercharged WiFi signal at the 8 with enough power to charge it. While not as fast as cable charging, the wireless charger can top the 8 to full charge in around 4 hours, and works anywhere in a 5 meter radius to the charger.

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