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Visitor stats for October

About 1250 visits.

Browser market share: 50% Firefox, 15% Explorer, 14% Chrome, 12% Safari and 6% Opera.

OS market share: 56% Windows, 22% Linux, 20% Mac, 1% iPhone.

The smallest screen resolution was 170x180. The largest was 3840x1024. Most people had something between 800x480 and 1920x1200.

Visitors by continent: 44% Europe, 33% North America, 12% Asia, 6% South America, 3% Oceania, 1% Africa.

By country: 28% US, 7% France, 7% Germany, 5% UK, 5% Canada, 4% Brazil, 3% Japan, 3% Finland, 3% Spain, 3% India.

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