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Tally of different sorts of crap I've done to pass the time:

Music players written: 4 (with mplayer / <audio> / Flash for playback, so maybe these are more "playlist players").
Image slideshows written: 5, three of which on arbitrarily long lists.
Video players /w playlist: 1 (I just repurposed one slideshow).
Document readers: 3, though they just show images of pages.
Scene graph libraries for different retarded purposes: 7.
GUI toolkits: 1. But it didn't go too well.
LaTeX-style text justifier: 1.
Layout text inside a polygon: 1. And it seems like there's zero literature on text layout algorithms.
Tilemap zoomers: 3.
Infinite tree hierarchy zoomers: 1.
File managers: 1. And 3 web-based file managers.
File thumbnailer libraries: 2.
Thumbnail cache systems: 3.
OpenGL-based presentation apps: 3.
File annotation systems: 1.
Metadata editing forms: 3.
File metadata extraction libraries: 1.
Standard library rewrites: 1.
Array combinator libraries: 2. Well, maybe 3.
Search query parsers: 2, the second time Doing It Right with a parser generator.
Search query matchers: 1.
DOM helper libraries: 2.
Context-sensitive help in REPL: 1.
Distributed message-passing libraries: 2.
Network service discovery libraries: 1.
Media players with networked storage and playback (controller on mobile, storage across the network, playback on HTPC): 1, but durr.
Converter graph with pathfinder to convert files: 1 (IIRC plugged to the media player too, so it played PDFs with text-to-speech).
Animation libraries with tweens and timelines: 1.
SQL databases (tables and indices, not database engines): 5? Not very much.
Memcached to cache results of expensive queries: 1.
HTML fragment caches: 1.
Tar parsers: 1.
3D model parsers: 3 of varying levels of completeness.
Huffman encoder & decoder: 1 (yay, coursework).
Image file formats: One vector drawing hack, plus three that basically concatenate JPEGs into a bigger file.
Toy drawing programs: 3.
Games: 1.

Editors: 0.
Compilers: 0.
Desk calculators: 0.
Programming languages: 0 (unless you count an OO Brainfuck implementation).
Something useful: 0.

Hmm, that was more than I initially thought :<
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