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Stupid ideas to kick off 2011

They have those spinning disks with a couple gigs of flash as read cache, right. So, how about spending about 30e to put a bunch of fast flash chips and a couple gigs of DRAM on a motherboard to act as SATA read cache. Read the flash into DRAM during boot checks (I guess you have around 5 seconds to do it, so 0.5-1GB/s should suffice.) Ooh, mysteriously computer boots as if from ramdisk.

Or alternatively, if you like software more than hardware, use the fast flash as the OS disk, suck it to RAM during boot checks, write OS to be able to utilize that.

Also, maybe they could make a computer that's not actually a computer but a rock. And then you could have a mouse that's not a mouse but a rat and it'd bite your fingers off and give you rabies.
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