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The last week's been busy on the Message front, here's a quick recap:

Yes, Message has code highlighting for your slides. Start a line with > and type along. I might replace that with four spaces to go with Markdown-style slides. Or heck, do a full Markdown parser for the slides and share it as a template.

Your presentations are now displayed on a nice responsive grid with big live previews of the slides. You can flip through your presos right there without necessarily having to open the editor. Magic in action, enabled by a ground-breaking technology platform.

Speaking of ground-breaking, your slides now have a full version history. Accidentally deleted a couple slides while thumb-typing? No problem, go to the version dropdown and pick a previous version. Just think of the amount of lost work you'll save with this single dropdown. We're giving all those hours back to you. You're welcome.

To protect your work even better, Message now prompts you if have unsaved changes and you try to leave the page. It's like having a friend watch out for you and catch you when you're about to have an accident.

Last but definitely not least, you can now use other presentations as templates. Made truly beautiful slide transitions for your previous preso? Now you can load them straight into your other presos. No more arduous copy-pasting of the style definitions. And best of all, you can publish your template for others to use.

To make your presos look better from word one, I changed the default theme from the old minimalistic black-on-white one to a more advanced one. It's the same theme used in the "How to use Message"-presentation. Yes, you get to enjoy the full power of Message's theming capabilities without any extra work.

In addition to the features highlighted above, the last week's new features include a list of the latest public presentations, custom descriptions for your presentations when sharing them on social networks, and Message is now using the ACE code editor for editing your slides and themes.

And hey, I can't wait to get cracking on some new themes, it's been far too long that I've been head-down in coding and market research. Creative output!

See Message at and sign up for free during the beta phase.

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