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Use toString, Hungarian notation and a JS parser to compile JS functions to GLSL. To run the JS shaders in JS, implement the GLSL built-ins as a JS library and write a pure-JS GL implementation to laugh at.

// Pseudo-code time!

var myShader = {
vertex: {
attributes: {v3Vertex: buffer, v2TexCoord: anotherBuffer},
uniforms: {m4PMatrix: cameraMatrix, m4MVMatrix: worldMatrix},
varyings: ['v2TexCoord0'],

// the hypothetical JS GLSL runtime would do something like
// shader.void_main.apply(GLSLContext, [])
void_main: function() {
var v4v = this.vec4(this.v3Vertex, 1.0);
this.v2TexCoord0 = this.v2TexCoord;
this.gl_Position = this.m4PMatrix.mulV4(this.m4MVMatrix.mulV4(v4v));

fragment: {
varyings: ['v2TexCoord0'],
uniforms: {s2DTexture0: myTexture, fRadius: 0.1},
void_main: function() {
var fd = this.fRadius / 5.0;
var v4Color = this.vec4(0.0);
for (var fi=0.0; fi<5.0; fi++) {
var v2tc = this.v2TexCoord0.add(this.vec2(fi*fd,fi*fd));
v4Color = v4Color.add(this.texture2D(this.s2DTexture0, v2tc));
this.gl_FragColor = v4Color;

precision highp float;
attribute vec3 v3Vertex;
attribute vec2 v2TexCoord;
uniform mat4 m4PMatrix;
uniform mat4 m4MVMatrix;
varying vec2 v2TexCoord0;
void main() {
vec4 v4v = vec4(v3Vertex, 1.0);
v2TexCoord0 = v2TexCoord;
gl_Position = m4PMatrix * (m4MVMatrix * v4v);

precision highp float;
varying vec2 v2TexCoord0;
uniform sampler2D s2DTexture0;
uniform float fRadius;
void main() {
float fd = fRadius / 5.0;
vec4 v4Color = vec4(0.0);
for (float fi=0.0; fi<5.0; fi++) {
vec2 v2tc = v2TexCoord0 + vec2(fi*fd, fi*fd);
v4Color = v4Color + texture2D(s2DTexture0, v2tc);
gl_FragColor = v4Color;

Maybe you could do an OpenCL implementation like that too.

3D software should come with sculpt-friendly pre-rigged model kits with UV maps (yes, having some trouble with the technical aspects of 3D modeling). Also, voxel sculpt looks amazing.


Anonymous said...


I am a PhD student and have actually considered converting MSIL (C#) to GLSL. :)

See also:

Anonymous said...

Hah, seems I have already contacted you earlier about the webGL slideshow project :)

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