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Linux + ATI + Canvas 3D = GLX 1.3, please?

fgl_glxgears (using pbuffers) works. The Canvas 3D extension doesn't. Both use the same calls to create the pbuffer and context, and make the context current. Plus I'm seeing stack corruption on the extension. Something is broken, eh?

Been remote-debugging Canvas 3D crashing on the ATI Linux drivers (fglrx) for the past two days. And the short and sweet of it is: no go.

To explain: Canvas 3D uses pbuffers. Pbuffers are a part of GLX 1.3. Mesa only has GLX 1.2. ATI drivers use Mesa.

Is there any other way of doing off-screen rendering for the default framebuffer than pbuffers? All we really need is a way to change GL contexts and do glReadPixels from the current context. The contexts can't share data.

Here's a simple pbuffer test, for what it's worth. It's pretty much what Canvas 3D does to juggle and manage the different GL contexts.

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