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ATI installed for testing

Got an ATI graphics card installed. Took maybe an hour to get it physically installed and dualhead Xinerama going (if Xinerama is off, no extended desktop.) The biggest pain was the ATI download site requiring Javascript, so links didn't cut it.

Canvas 3D worked after applying the ATI compatibility patch. I need to rewrite some of my test shaders to add missing precision qualifiers.

O3D shaders fail to compile as the ATI driver (or something) says that MaxInstructions = -1. And O3D would rather prefer it to be a non-negative number, one that's larger than 23. Or whatever the SM 2.0 minimum is.

It's pretty noisy compared to my passively cooled card (big surprise, eh?) Now the question is what does one do with a teraflop of graphics computing power on Linux...
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