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Windows 7 and Linux woes

Haven't been using Windows 7 any more since last week. It didn't have drivers for my sound chip and scanner. There was no software included, and additional software was difficult to install. I didn't like the theme. It couldn't access my non-NTFS hard disks, but kept spinning them up every fifteen minutes anyway. There also were a couple strange hardware bugs: It broke my mouse's scroll wheel, I had to unplug and replug the base station to fix it. And it made my graphics card emit a high-pitched whine when using Google Chrome. Which is very odd. And worst of all, making it dual boot requires more black magic than I can arse myself to summon.

In other news, getting a Lexmark printer to work in Ubuntu is possible but reminds me of installing fiddly hardware drivers on Windows. The way that worked was to download a driver .deb from the Ubuntu wiki and add the printer from the printer control panel webapp.

Had some audio problems on the Ubuntu machine as well. As usual, the solution was to remove PulseAudio, download the OSS4 .deb and install it. Now if only Firefox's media tags had OSS output.
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