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Code generation and dastardly plans

Back from a week and a half of F1 and video games. Managed to port the Canvas 3D tests to the new API (unearthing a bunch of old bugs and a new one.)

I also have a couple Python scripts that generate C++ code from the GLES 2.0 headers + API modifications file + valid arguments grammar. My plan is to make it spew out better smoke tests for the API. And if I can make some Webkit-based browser build on 64-bit Linux (fat chance), adapt the generator to do the easy parts of a proof-of-concept Webkit port.

Extending the code generator to handle state tracking, array arguments and array return values would make it handle most of the API, except for the couple polymorphic functions. The rest of the non-autogened code would be WGL/CGL/GLX/OSMesa-glue, state tracking and validation, totaling some 5000 lines.

My other plans for the near future include: catching up on four weeks of math homework, writing some demos for Canvas 3D (CFD, image filters, editable video filters), writing this year's two-week game (maybe something Disgaea-like? Combos and colors), learning to use Blender, writing a small painting app with Qt.

Seven half-time projects come together to make one 3.5-time project. Math and testgen over the weekend, demos and Blender next week, two-week game on the last two weeks of the month, painting app 2 hours daily alloc. Let's see which project drops first :P
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