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Day 23: du traversal, semi-functional decoration and a progress animation

Du traversal is fast. But I'm not doing it right. So there's a gap between the FS model and the traversal model and it's going to cause me problems unless I go in and simplify everything.

In the picture on the left, you can see the traversal progress indicator rings. The other ring rotates clockwise and the other counter-clockwise. The effect is pretty nice and low-key. The red /-lines indicate that the directory is the current dir (thick line) or a child of the current dir, and make it easier to separate between deeper subdirs drawn large and top-level dirs.

The dots on the top of the directories.. I guess they make it easier to tell directories apart? And look cool? In a skyscraper warning lights / car backlights / dreadful gray boxscape contrastbringer kind of way.

(Pshh, Contrastbringer, the mighty demonic blade that feeds on the imagination of its victims.)
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