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Navigation timings with smooth zoom

Oh, right, guess I should start by telling you that Filezoo has now smooth zooming with the scroll wheel as well.

Anyhow, timed navigation from /home/kig to /usr/lib/OpenGL- with zoom and the go-where-I-want clicking.

Zoom times were usually in the 13-15 second range, as the probability for error was high with them. The best zoom times were in the 9-10 second bracket, I think I got a couple times under 9 seconds as well.

Clicky times were about 10-13 seconds for the first tries, then improved to around 7 seconds, with best in around 6 seconds. The clicking is less error-prone and has a smarter zoom.

As noted in the previous post, the time for typing the path with tab-completion is around five seconds. A realistic minimum time for the mouse navigation might be around 4 seconds, as that's the time it takes to do "move the mouse and click" six times.
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