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Day 38, part 3: NUnit test tests, some small group title tweaks

Such great tests, yes?

Tweaked the group titles, now they fade in and out in a smooth fashion. The date titles use "4.2008"-format (should probably be logarithmic scale but eh. Year last to right-align the most significant info), size titles are "100 kB+" instead of "100,0 kB" and the type titles show upper-case first letter for files without suffixes, so it doesn't screw up with directory navigation as much.

Tomorrow: real tests, refactor actions to a separate class (filezoo.cs (52k), helpers.cs (30k), fscache.cs (24k), fsdraw.cs (26k) and contextmenu.cs (15k) are growing like tumors, need to do some splitting to keep them manageable.)
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