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Day 39: white theme, drawing ramble

Doing a readable white-bg version of the theme, played around a bit with rgba visuals to make the window transparent (simple enough but makes for a bit unreadable file view. A shader blur would help but eh, how do I do that?) Also made it draw a good deal less (previously the "do I need to draw this tiny thing"-check was doing using quarter sample checking (~16x AA), now doing half sample checking (~4x AA), effectively halving the maximum amount of rectangles drawn. It's still noisy and moire-y and I'd have to write some simple test cases to find the right offset, if there are any. Or do some manual overdraw to blur them together, which still wouldn't help popping flicker. Maybe do the size vis check in a deterministic fashion, independent of pan, and have it only add visible things when zooming in. Yeah.)

Tests. Right. I'll get right on them. Starting with everything tagged DESTRUCTIVE. One test here, another there, small steps~

Taking tomorrow off to work on some neglected projects (gitbug needs less conflicty bug ids, should be whacked with a sanity mallet and split into several independent files.) And maybe write some pretty OpenGL hack?
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